Remote - High Radiation Liquid Solidification with


Polymer and Ceramic technologies

combined with  Radiation Safety Provided by

TRU Shield(TM)


Radiation Durability tested at:  Savannah River National Lab, Purdue University, E.G. Khlopin Radium Institute St. Petersburg, Russia - No liquid releases - up to 270M Rad Gamma

Tritiated Oils with water component > 1000 curies/ liter  successfully solidified - passed TCLP and disposed

Hanford Tank Test pH>14 successfully solidified and radiation durability tested >79M Rad - No liquid release

Cost is less to employ due to high waste loading and little equipment required

NO MIXING APPROACH - Low Volatility Liquids



1. Place the NOCHAR(TM) Solidification agent in the liner    

2. Place the liner in the drum

3. Place the drum in the TRU Shield(TM)


Ensure that the proper waste to Nochar (weight to weight) ratios determined in bench scale testing are observed through out the process.

4. Pour or pump the waste into the Nochar(TM)

         5. Replace the bungs and outer lid TRU Shield(TM)


LAYERING APPROACH - No Liner required - only a drum and a TRU Shield


Layer thickness (Nochar amount by weight) must equate to the desired ratio of liquid to be added into the layer - Ratios are determined in bench scale testing

1. Place Drum into TRU Shield(TM)

2. Place NOCHAR(TM) Solidification agent in a layer in the drum     

3.  Pour or pump the waste into the Nochar(TM) observing the Nochar to waste ratio by weight

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until the drum is filled; replace bungs and lid on TRU Shield(TM)





Care must be taken to ensure the proper Nochar to waste weight ratio  is achieved. Proper Nochar to Waste  Ratios are determined in bench scale testing

1. Place "R" Drum into TRU Shield(TM)

2. Place measured weight amount of NOCHAR(TM)  Solidification agent in a bottom layer in the drum. (Approximately 6")      

3. Begin Blade rotation (slow speed) 

4. With blades rotating, begin metering in waste and Nochar(TM) polymer  into the "R" drum via the individual side bung holes. Caution: Ensure the Nochar(TM) to waste ratio, by weight, is maintained throughout the process.

5. When the drum is filled, insert the HEPA filter and bung hole plugs and install the TRU Shield(TM) lid.