1000 curie -Tritiated oil - Petro Bond + Acid Bond  No Mixing        55 gallon 7a drum with sacrificial Blades  Hi Rad work                                    230 gal. batch HD 40 Rx coolant oil      

Nochar Acid Bond(TM) - Aqueous, Acids, Bases pH's 0-14+

Nochar Petro Bond(TM) - Hydrocarbons & Organics

Nochar Metal Bond(TM) - Heavy Metals

Nochar "OL" Bond(TM) - Alcohols

State of the Art Polymer and Ceramic Absorbent Solidification Agents - Products can be applied individually or in combination with each other to address complex waste streams.

An innovative and internationally deployed solidification process offered by NOCHAR, Inc.

The purpose of absorbing agents is to perform a safe, more efficient solidification of radioactive / mixed waste liquids for disposal. 

NOCHAR solidified wastes have been accepted for disposal at U.S. Dept. of Energy's Handford LLW Disposal Facility, Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, Envirocare and Nevada Test Site.



Waste Loading - 100's to 1000's of percent greater than clay or cement treatment

Can be micro-encapsulated in cement or parrafin to enhance structural characteristics while taking advantage of extremely high waste loading characteristics

Hydrogen Gas Generation observed to be far less than prediction models   


Radiation Durability tested at:  Savannah River National Lab, Purdue University, E.G. Khlopin Radium Institute St. Petersburg, Russia - No liquid releases - up to 270M Rad Gamma

Tritiated Oils with water component > 1000 curies/ liter  successfully solidified - passed TCLP and disposed

Hanford Tank Test pH>14 successfully solidified and radiation durability tested >79M Rad - No liquid release

Cost is less to employ due to high waste loading and little equipment required



National and International Third Party Testing Results are available to support decision making


  • We work with the customer

  • Minimizes processing times by reducing handling, and having minimal setup times

  • Reduced worker exposure (ALARA)

  • Increased productivity & improved project schedule

  • Provides an overall cost savings for treatment and disposal of tritiated oil

  • Specific "custom" formulas easily developed

  • Disposal / Shipping container can be preloaded with Nochar polymers at the factory

  • Virtually no processing equipment required

  • High waste loading drives costs below Clay and cement treatments


  • Non-Toxic, non-biodegradable, and incinerable to less than 0.02% ash

  • Absorbent capacity of up to 15:1 depending on material

  • Absorbs quickly and with a minimal increase of sorbate volume


Special Characteristics

The technology supports adding Boron for criticality control or other aides to address extremely exotic waste streams

Highly waste loaded polymers can be easily micro-encapsulated far exceeding efficiencies of conventional cement and clay processes

Can be employed remotely protecting personnel without expensive robotic systems in high radiation environments



The Chamberlain Group, Ltd. is NOCHAR's technical representative to the nuclear industry.