Value Engineering and Life Cycle Analysis

Chamberlain Group has teamed with Certified Value Engineering Specialists in industry and government across the nation who are experienced with processes, civil engineering, all aspects of construction, power generation and more.

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As Project Managers, Engineers and taxpayers we are fully engaged in the application of best business practices when faced with project economic decisions - Projects must succeed

In Chamberlain Group's role of direct support to DOE Ohio, we have facilitated over 100 Technical Assistance,Value Engineering, Life Cycle Aanalysis and Cost Benefit Analysis assessments. We have facilitated projects in:

Radioactive Waste Management, TRU Waste Operations, Site Monitoring, Site Release, Underground remediation, Facility Release, RH TRU Transportation and more....

We have learned that despite Public Law and agency directives to conduct the assessments - the assesments are not routinely conducted. We have also found some of the reasons Why Not -

Perception:  "STUDY" - means to most a long drawn-out process which costs a lot, delays everything, causes interference by others and means loss of control

Fact: Although, the term study is used - the lead specialist works directly with the operations and management organization to facilitate the structure, size and scope of the task and team. The requesting unit is in control of the size, cost, and speed - the panel TEAMS with the project and gets it done.

Perception: If we request an assessment - outsiders will think we do not understand our project

Fact: Technical projects, especially new processes, require multi regime talents and experiences. Generally no one retains an infinite staff with infinite experiences. These types of assessments bring renowned  process and industry people with the right experiences to the game. Our experience shows that the exposure to experts and short discussions with them has shifted paradigms and moved tremendously stalled projects forward.  Use the right tool for the job - not just any tool.

Perception: The study just goes on and on until the final report

Fact: During a study, the subject starts broadly and progresses like an upside down triangle until the final alternative is implemented and the final results are obtained; however, as the study develops, the facilitator/leader working directly with the requesting team can narrow and accelerate the process and maintain the regimentation of the process and the integrity of the study. This focusing and acceleration, while maintaining the process, can only be correctly accomplished with very senior Value Engineering Specialists. The requesting team has control.

Perception: The results of the study are just another report

Fact: The output of the study is a document that describes the task undertaken, the process of the evaluation and  the scoring of the various options considered down to the final viable options. Once the best alternatives are decided, a Life Cycle Cost Analysis is developed and documented for each option. Thus, the document that is produced is more than a report - it is the documentation of best business practices enveloped with best viable technical approaches. The final document and outcomes are presented to the customer with the logics behind the alternatives - it can be used as a support document to assist operations to move a project in a different direction and the reasoning to support the change. 


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