Managed a Large Scale Technology Demonstration Program.

Managed a Mixed-Waste Legacy Program.  

Designed and Implemented a Large-Scale Concrete Crushing Operation
                        for On-Site Reuse of Building Debris.  

Developed the DOE award - winning "Integrated plan to Re-Use
                         Concrete in Ohio."

Designed and Built a System for Removal of Legacy Oil and Chemical   

Completed Two Decommissioning Funding Project Estimates.

Designed, Built and Started up a Low-Level Radioactive Waste Volume
                   Reduction Facility.  

Designed the Strategy and the Specifics for the Decommissioning of a
                   Commercial Nuclear Power Plant to Green-Field Condition.

Planned and Designed Material Handling and Segregation Operations.  

First Organization to Utilize the Broad Spectrum (Oak Ridge) Mixed
                  Waste Treatment Contract.

Designed a Waste-Water Treatment System for a Commercial